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About Paul


Paul Joseph Biondino III, is the Founder and Creator of the Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game.

As a devout lover of God and his 10 Commandments, Paul has always felt a duty to share what it is like to always be with Him, and especially spoiled by Him. Paul wanted to create an opportunity for children to have a chance early in their lives to know God in this way. Loyalty to God and His Commandments is the key to obtaining his great promises for us.

Could there be any promises in our lives better kept than God’s? Paul believes that our obedience to God molds the composition of our faith. The promises of God to those who love and teach His Commandments are the pearls to a great life. Those who truly love His Commandments receive spiritual wisdom, protection from danger, personal freedom, and many other temporal and spiritual graces.

Paul’s mission is to share with all God’s children that loving God and His 10 Commandments offers a lifetime of inexhaustible personal and spiritual favor. He tries to accomplish this through the Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game, allowing children to PLAY, LEARN and CELEBRATE!

About The Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game

The Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game provides two versions of the 10 Commandments for your review. The first version is an original from the book of Exodus and the second has been modified for a kid friendly version to teach children. It allows you to teach your students or loved ones in your own preferred words and order. We know there are different orders and words for all types of faiths and religions.

The game comes with 10 recording tablets to teach your children and students in a fun, hands-on and interactive way. There are multiple games to choose from or you can create your own. So prepare your family, classroom or religious groups to PLAY, LEARN and Celebrate one of God’s greatest gifts to the world!

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Train Up a Child

At Squeeze 10 Commandments™, another important message we love to share is our duty as God’s children is never done. No matter your age, we all have the inherent obligation to be a part of Proverb 22:6:

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it.”

God bless and happy recordings!

The Story Behind Paul Biondino –

Chapter I – A Seed from a Read

I can remember being in church one evening around Easter in 1996, I was 26 years old. I was at mass by myself and in every pew in the church there was a hand-out on an 8×11 sheet with two choice readings. The first said: “Woe to the man who knoweth and loveth my Commandments for he will merit the promise of God”. The second said: “But woe, woe, woe to the man who knoweth, loveth, and teacheth them, he too will find great favor from God, he will be known as great in Heaven!”. After I read it again and again, I felt an electric connection of excitement inside of me. I wanted to be “great”, not here on earth but there in heaven. Great here is temporary, great in heaven is eternal, and I knew that. Immediately after this revelation, something inside of me sparked. It was a creeping heaviness of anger. I was mad and extremely disappointed that no one had ever shared this promise with me when I was younger. Now at 26 years of age I was finding out that if you loved God’s Commandments you could merit his glorified promises. To me, it felt like it was 20 years too late! It was too late for me to cry about it, so instead I made a promise to myself that I would make it my duty to enable all children to learn and know the promise of the 10 Commandments. I left the church that night wondering how I will teach to all of God’s children across the world. And that is where my journey began.

Chapter II – A Seed Without Soil

Once God delivers a seed to us, the journey begins. Fortunately, I had begun without knowing what a map from God would yield. What I didn’t know, looking back on this journey, was the story I share now, 25 years later! A story filled with experiences, great people, infallible timing and a relentless perseverance to produce a game for children to learn the 10 Commandments from God that was worthy of his name.

Chapter III – A Handful of Dirt and a Seed

At 27 years old, I moved back home to my mother’s house. I managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree 4 years prior to coming home. I had three minor fields of study: Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Sociology. After graduation I was exploring many job experiences. Most of them were of no heartfelt interest. So, at 27 I started my own stone installation company. At the time, being at my mother’s house, I began my master’s degree in Elementary Education K-6. One year later I was certified in elementary education. As I finished my master’s program with a student teaching position in the 4 th grade, I began to realize the opportunity I was blessed with wasn’t about a teaching position. The experience showed me that kids are eager to learn and if they were in a safe environment of trust and love, they could learn anything.

My greater lesson was having the courage to leave since I couldn’t speak of God in the classroom. I could have stayed and taught full-time at this public school setting; however, I knew I could never fill these grounds with my message. I took my handful of dirt and marched on.

Chapter IV – Soil Disappointed

In 1998 I began teaching a Tuesday night catechism class with my mom. It was a sixth-grade class of 14. I couldn’t wait to start sharing my love for the 10 Commandments with them. I gave a surprise quiz during the third class. I collected all the papers and corrected what little and right was on them. I was so upset at the test results; it was like they had never heard of the 10 Commandments before.

For the next 4 to 5 classes, we played games, had contests, and laughed while learning the 10 Commandments. At 7 to 8 weeks into the program, the religious director of education asked to see me. When she and I met, she said that she heard a lot of laughter coming out of the classroom I was teaching. I said yes, we are having lots of fun. She said it doesn’t sound like you are following the workbook. I said not yet, we are working on the 10 Commandments. And I was surprised that 14 kids went through K-5 grades with her, and they knew nothing of the 10 Commandments. She said “oh” we learn them in the workbook in 4th grade. I said it doesn’t look like it. And this, after-class meeting became the exact reason why my mission became so important. My disappointment became a fury of fuel to find a way to teach kids so they would remember and love them.

Chapter V – Starter Seeds

I taught catechism with my mother for three more years and devised many games for teaching the 10 Commandments. As my stone business started to prosper, I moved out and into the mountains of Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. I spent a couple of years renovating my new cottage. Refinanced my cottage in 2003 and bought an investment property in Torrington, Connecticut. I then renovated this home and built an apartment on the property as well. In 2006, I was looking for a renter for the house. This is when God would send his next treasure to me; Rocco and Audrey who were retired and full of life, with a very special love for God. We shared many hours talking of religion and they had an ear full of the 10 Commandments and my road ahead. After a year or so, Audrey came to my apartment one day and said, “Paul, Father Bruce from our church needs to speak with you”. They were looking for a teacher at St. Anthony’s. Long story short, I get hired as a part-time Physical Education Teacher for the 2007 school year. Those two wonderful souls showed up to help prepare my path. This new school would hold the lessons I needed to learn about early childhood education. This school would be the foreground to the creation of the Squeeze 10 Commandments™ game.