Bible Study Game for Kids

Looking for fun Bible study games for kids? The Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game gets kids excited about learning God’s laws: the Ten Commandments. This set of rules guides our behavior and communicates God’s love for us by teaching us not only how to love Him, but our neighbors, as well. They’re the fundamental cores of morality: truths every child needs to learn as they explore what it means to be a good person.

The Perfect Religious Bible Study Games for Kids

The Squeeze Ten Commandments™ Game provides two versions of the 10 Commandments for your review: which can be found in the game box brochure. The first version is an original from the book of Exodus and the second has been modified for a kid friendly version to teach your students. It allows you to teach your students or loved ones in your own preferred words and order. We know there are different orders and words for all types of faiths and religions.

The game comes with 10 recording tablets to teach your children and students in a fun, hands-on and interactive way. There are multiple games to choose from or you can create your own. So, prepare your family, classroom or religious groups to play, learn and celebrate one of Gods greatest gifts to the world, the Ten Commandments!!

Squeeze 10 Commandments™

Teaching kids the Ten Commandments can be challenging. How do you communicate God’s laws to kids while helping them realize that following God is not all about memorizing and understanding a bunch of rules? The truth is, we need rules today just as much as the Israelites did thousands of years ago. And most of us like rules—they set out standards of behavior, even for little ones.

Many Sunday school teachers use religious games to teach the Ten Commandments in a fun, entertaining way. Our Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game communicates that the Ten Commandments are boundaries given to protect us. It allows kids to record themselves reciting, learning and celebrating the Ten Commandments.

Our game is built for all religions and denominations that recognize the Ten Commandments and can be customized according to your religious preference. It’s ideal for kids K-5 and is highly effective at helping young minds retain these important lessons so they can follow them throughout their entire lives.

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Teaching God’s Laws to Young Minds

The Squeeze 10 Commandments™ Game helps kids follow the path of the Ten Commandments with our fun, innovative game in Torrington, CT. Contact us today at (860) 201-5202 to learn more! We’ll be glad to provide you with the game, instructions and additional materials that make it easy to communicate these fundamental, important lessons to kids as they explore their beliefs and the tenants that govern them.