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Anita Panagakos May 18, 2022

Family Faith Coordinator

"The SqueezeTen Commandments Game was so much fun! We divided our children at the Family Faith Formation into 2 groups. The Littles were grade K-3 & the Middles were grades 4 - 6, each played the age ready games and it was so great to see the kids (in both groups) want to "play another round" or ... "one more game". We taught our parents how to rally the kids and get the competition going! Believe me... don't believe kids don't want something like this..they do! Even our gloomy kids got into it! Remember to pump them up...get excited yourself about "The Ten" and it becomes contagious! Have Fun! Grow Young!"
Karen Hicks, Retired Teacher at Saint Anthony's Catholic School; Winsted, CT. March 14, 2022

"As an educator with close to 40 years experience, I can immediately see the virtues of a game like Squeeze Ten. Today’s children learn differently than those of the past. They must be engaged and this game provides that interactive component. Children are provided with the opportunity to grow in their understanding of the morals taught in the Ten Commandments. In today’s world, the lessons taught in each of the commandments guide how we should treat others. This foundation is not only faith-building, but dictates how we must interact with the members of the communities in which we live. Squeeze Ten allows children to begin to grasp how sharing the truths taught in the commandments is living God’s Word as citizens of the world."
Pat Devanney, Principal at Winsted's St. Anthony School February 1, 2022

Pat Devanney, Principal at Winsted’s St. Anthony School

"It was always a great joy to observe a lesson in Physical Education that Paul Biondino was teaching. As soon as the students completed their first 3 warm up laps around the gym, he stopped them and "quizzed" them on the Ten Commandments. "Share the Fifth Commandment". "Who can tell me the Tenth Commandment? ", "Who remembers the Third Commandment?" The students raised their hands and paused to recall the Commandments in their mind. It was an awesome Religion review during P.E. Several years have passed since Coach Biondino and I were colleagues. Today, I spend time watching and listening to the adventures of my 7 grandchildren. I am excited seeing Coach’s goal of making the "Squeeze 10" game a reality for kids and their families. Coach offers each family the opportunity to bring our faith into their home in a fun way!!!!"
Father Bruce Czapla, OFM Pastor, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Winsted, CT January 26, 2022

Father Bruce Czapla, OFM Pastor, Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Winsted, CT

"In the approximate 20 years I have known Paul Biondino, he has been one of the best people I count on as a friend. I say this because he is a good man in every way. As a family man, he is faithful and loving. As a hardworking man, he is honest and loyal. As a religious man, he is constant and humble. An expression of all these qualities has been his desire to promote the knowledge and the practice of the Ten Commandments. To this end, he has been working on a vehicle - a game - that would help teach and appropriate the virtues embodied in God's Law. I have no doubt he will succeed in his endeavors to serve God and humanity in this way!"
Mrs. Marilyn Hubert, 4th Grade Teacher at Saint Paul the Great Academy, Torrington, CT January 21, 2022

Mrs. Marilyn Hubert, 4th Grade Teacher at Saint Paul the Great Academy, Torrington, CT

"I have known Coach, the creator of Squeeze Ten Commandments, for over fifteen years. He is an amazing talented physical education teacher at our Catholic School. During the first gym class I ever heard him teach, I heard him call out, "name one of the commandments!" as students warmed up, jogging around the gymnasium. Coach is charismatic, dedicated, and totally in love with spreading God's love to all. Years of enthusiasm and teaching experience have been poured into the invention of his Squeeze Ten Commandments game. What a fun interactive way to learn God's laws! My fourth graders love to play Captain Commandment. Thanks Coach, for brining this game to life."